4.7 Overall Satisfaction Rating based on over 10,000 Ratings from our customers.

4.7 Rating based on over
10,000 customer reviews.

Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia

Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia, Canada

Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City, Canada

Take a Cruise to Escape into Canadian Wilderness

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Canada's diverse landscapes and vibrant cities on a captivating cruise. Discover a land of contrasts, where cosmopolitan hubs blend seamlessly with breathtaking natural wonders. Cruise along the scenic coastlines of British Columbia, where snow-capped mountains meet the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean. Explore the charming streets of Victoria, a city steeped in history and filled with blooming gardens. Venture into the heart of Vancouver, a cosmopolitan metropolis known for its multiculturalism and outdoor adventure opportunities. Sail through the stunning fjords of Alaska, where towering glaciers carve their way through pristine wilderness. Witness the majestic beauty of Niagara Falls, a natural wonder that will leave you in awe. CruiseDirect.com invites you to experience the warmth and hospitality of Canada, a country that embraces both its urban sophistication and untamed wilderness. Let us guide you through this extraordinary journey, where you'll discover the true essence of Canada's diverse landscapes and vibrant culture.

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Azamara Cruises       $3,453                
Holland America Line     $1,249           $2,969 $1,379    
Oceania Cruises       $6,499                
Princess Cruises                   $1,308   $4,088
Regent Seven Seas                   $12,699    
Silversea Cruises                     $18,500 $5,900

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